PHD social media newsletter for w/c 23/7/12

So I am not sure whether anyone has noticed but there is a sporting event going on at the moment in the UK. Well LOCOG is (quite rightly) making it a little difficult for some brands to get their message across. Weirdly it is the unofficial sponsors who seem to be getting all the air time….

Non Official Sponsors-

  • Oddbins Odd Olympics Technique – Anyone who comes into an Oddbins branch wearing Nike trainers and has a receipt for a Pepsi bought at KFC (anyone who supports a brand which isn’t an official sponsor) will receive a 30% discount. A petty way of getting publicity in my mind. Read more at The Drum
  • Paddy Power decided to try and bend the rules as Paddy Power does. They are sponsoring the biggest athletics event of the summer in London… Not the Olympics, a huge Egg and Spoon race taking place in London, France next week.  LOCOG tried to ban them but Paddy Power fought back and won. Check it out at The Guardian
  • Nike Followed Paddy Power’s by filming upcoming athletes from all the different London’s around the world (except this one). It is a feel good video using the #FindYourGreatness hashtag.
  • Also…Egyptian Olympic athletes have been kitted out with Fake Nike Kit. Which has caused a huge stir online.


  • EDF has created its own online Olympic Light Games using ‘light’ to control your athlete in different events. A first in giving the user a possibility to use the laser from the bottom of the mouse against the webcam of a computer to direct your athlete in the various events
  • David Beckham and Adidas reduce child to tears -A feel good viral win from Adidas and Becks.
  • Old Spice has brought out its new advert with P & G an official sponsor.  It is pretty weird and not up to the standard of their original ones, but worth a watch at YouTube

MORE Olympics social News

Facebook NEWS

  • Figures are continuing to drop with the stock down to $23 after coming to the market at $43.  Initial investors could have lost nearly 50%. More Facebook figures at SimplyZesty
  • Democrat-oriented software developer NGP VAN is updating a tool using Facebook to increase voter participation for the 2012 US elections.

Other Non-Olympic cool new campaigns

  • Vogue iPad app –You will have seen a few weeks ago how beauty bloggers have been used to create an awareness of domestic violence. Well this app from Vogue is a bit of a hidden gem as well. Check it out here Vogue
  • Rightmove has launched an interactive digital campaign that casts prospective sellers/landlords into the world of a secret agent using ‘minority report’ style touch screen equipment to gather information on various properties.
  • Playboy created its new risqué campaign “Pleasure in your hands”
  • 3M Lint Rollers use animal inspired adverts to show off their quality.
  • Jack Daniels Being Nice goes Viral. After they wrote the nicestthey wrote ‘the nicest Cease-And-Desist Order of all time’. Check it out here: businessinsider


Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive, @tomgatenby1


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