PHD social media newsletter for w/c 16/7/12

Targeted for Promoted Tweets

Twitter has announced new targeting of promoted Tweets. It is no longer required to send the promoted tweets to all of your followers, you can send it to certain regions. This is great as it allows advertisers to make relevant local offers to their customers. This is also great for companies doing global campaigns. This way they don’t have to promote their advert to all of their followers no matter what country. They can roll it out to each individual country one at a time.

Read more here: wallblog.

Shell Shocked by Greenpeace

As you will have seen Shell has been taking a bit of a hammering recently from Greenpeace after announcing plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. The first came from an advert which went viral using Jude Law and Radiohead to tell the story of a struggling polar bear  who had to leave the ruined Arctic. Then there were the protestors who managed to successfully shut down 74 Shell stations in Edinburgh and London this week.

However their latest move was absolute genius. They created a website which could have been Shell’s and asked people to get involved in their latest ad campaign. They labelled it the ‘Let’s Go Arctic campaign’. The general idea was that ‘Shell’ was allowing their fans/followers to create their very own ‘Let’s Go’ advert and then people would vote. The best adverts would eventually be printed out and put in places all over the world. Great – it could be feasible a cool way of getting creative minds working to get their art shown over the world, you may think. Or a great way for Greenpeace to get the point across of the damage that these oil rigs will do to the environment. Everyone thought it was a massive marketing ‘fail’ from Shell and therefore it went viral. When people found out it was a hoax, it went viral again. An amazing campaign (I am not sure of the legalities of it) but it certainly got Greenpeace’s point across.

So images like this were made by thousands and then voted on by even more and sent all round the world:

For a news article covering this: huffingtonpost.

You can read my blog post on it here: SickChirpse (Not so educational but great photos!).

DKNY use Fake Event To Launch New Shop

Social Media is word of mouth of the quickest kind, anything that is said can be spread to all countries in the world in a matter of moments. The best way to get this message to people all over the world is by using influential businesses or people to spread the word. This is exactly what DKNY has done. They recruited various celebrities to pretend to be excited about being invited to and attending  #UK2012, whatever that is. None of the celebrities explained what #UK2012 was and therefore excitement grew and spread across all social networks across the world instantly. Everyone wanted an invite to whatever this #UK2012 thing was. It turns out it was just the unveiling of the new DKNY store in London. A great way to create buzz and knowledge of a new shop. However in my eyes it is lying and people are only going to be disappointed so probably isn’t so great for brand perception. Check out the video to see if you agree: thehighlow.

The Olympic Lightshow via Twitter

The Olympics has had everyone in the UK talking about it for what seems like forever. A specially created Olympics portal has been launched on Facebook, so this will be the social place to go for all the latest news on the games. So how is Twitter going to stand out? By going big and using the London Eye as a place to show the sentiment of what is said about the Olympics on Twitter. Sounds cool right?! It is a percentage of the London eye will be lit up  to show what percentage of the conversations mentioning the Olympics are positive. Great idea if it works. However my only concern is that most people using Twitter will also be those who have to get to work. What is likely to be linked with the Olympics is the huge delays in public transport, therefore the percentage of positive conversations could be quite low. I hope not, but it could be a pretty dark London Eye.

Read more here: BBC.

Paralympics viral video

Everyone is talking about the Olympics (see above). No one ever talks about the Paralympics. Well Channel4 is because they have the coverage of it. So they created a TV advert ‘Meet The Superhumans’, featuring many of the stars of the GB Paralympics team. It is quite a moving powerful well produced video. That is why different social media sites have gone nuts for it and shared it here there and everywhere. So worth a watch: Creativereview.

Adidas make a creepy ad

Adidas don’t usually do things by half, and they have gone all out here for the ‘Ajax Experience’ campaign. Adidas set up a load of fake changing rooms in its store and when someone tried on one of the Ajax shirts the door opened and they were surprised by the Ajax football team. Woohoo!!! Surprised by the actual players of the team you support; a brilliant experience provided by Adidas, marketing win! However to film this and capture it all Adidas had to put hidden cameras in each fake changing room.  Is that legal? It is a bit weird to be honest. Various social sites have rinsed them for it, claiming it to be creepy. Evidently  they have received signed permission from all involved to use the footage. Check out the video here: YouTube.

Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive, @tomgatenby1


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