Drum and PHD: Sainsbury’s Blind Football for the Paralympics

Today sees our work with Drum for Sainsbury’s sponsorship of the Paralympics go live.

Sainsbury’s Blind Football was created in partnership with Channel 4, built by Chunk, promoted by David Beckham himself, and masterminded by PHD and Drum.

It was created to raise awareness of blind football, the Paralympics, Sainsbury’s and David Beckham’s ridiculous facial furniture (see pre-game vid). Aside from being tip top fun there are other reasons to play, namely the chance to win one of 10 family tickets to the Paralympics or a David Beckham signed T-shirt.

The driving force behind the game at Drum have been Jess Brady, Jo Warfield and Rupert Britton and at PHD, Dee Levison, Charlotte Bristow and Anna Hancock. The great result speaks for itself.

It looks fantastic and is highly addictive so please give it a try right here and now.

There’s more about it in Campaign and The Drum.

Post courtesy Louis Haskell, Assistant Content Producer,  Drum


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