PHD social media newsletter for w/c 9/7/12

Digg sold for a whopping…..wait for it….. $500k

Digg was once considered one of the up and coming stars in terms of social media and it has just been bought for $500,000. The social media news site was founded in 2004 and was once valued at $160 million. They should have got out early. As Facebook and Twitter grew, Digg didn’t.  It still currently has 7 million monthly users so it isn’t all bad. Read more on The Telegraph.

Twitter has updated its iPhone app

Here are a couple of the new features:

  • You now receive notifications
  • There are improved search results.
  • Expanded tweets are becoming available.
  • Curating tweets. Showing the best and most influential tweets from any event

Check out more at SimplyZesty.

New Facebook Updates

  • A new ‘special events’ feature puts information about momentous events in your friends’ lives — beginning with weddings and engagements  will be on display when you log in. This allows you to easily like or share the moment with others. More at Mashable.
  • A new calendar view feature shows you more easily what is happening in the weeks ahead.
  • Facebook has also updated its Android app such as the front camera photo option. You can check out more here: best-mobile-contracts.
  • See how Facebook has changed since the beginning here on Mashable, it really is amazing, the difference.

Virgin America don’t sponsor a football team…they sponsor a dog?!

So everyone knows that most girls and a lot of guys love strange cat videos; there seems to be a new one every week. Well, dogs aren’t quite as popular apart from this Pomeranian dog called Boo. With over 4.5 million Facebook fans and every picture of it being shared and ‘liked’ at a ridiculous rate, Boo is probably the world’s most famous dog. So Virgin America  has teamed up and made Boo its official pet and covered her in Virgin America merchandise.  With Virgin America having a mere 230K fans, the engagement with their photos is minimal in comparison to Boo’s regular ones. However it is a great way to spread brand awareness to an audience which maybe wouldn’t usually see it. Plus I am sure Boo’s owner probably has a bob or two now!  Read more on Mashable.

New app makes ice cream come to you

So this week we had free ice cream, and everyone rushed outside. That’s the problem whenever an ice cream truck does come along when you are gasping for a 99p Flake: there is always a huge queue or you have to chase after the van. Well over in Boston they came up with an answer to this with Uber’s new app. You give them your location and they come to you, no queue, no chasing. Great idea ready for this ‘Super Sunny Summer’. The clever catch is the minimum spend is 12$ which is 5 ice creams. That seems fair though and you can buy more once they arrive. On a hot summers day I could cruise through 5 twisters no dramas! Read more here.

Amour TV – Erotic television channel that tells the truth.

In this clever advert from Amour TV, a Canadian adult TV station, they don’t lie about the quality of acting in their shows and feature the tagline “You won’t watch for the acting”. The clips feature several bimbos trying to audition and run lines, all failing miserably. However the interviewer is more enlightened by the boobs than the brains. Check it out: YouTube.

LinkedIn celebrate with a STOMP

LinkedIn has had a great year and expanded massively across numerous countries. So they decided to make a video to show exactly what LinkedIn can do when it all comes together. It is quite a cool video creating music with all the office pieces check it out : LinkedIn. Unfortunately it has had less than 6,000 views still. Whether that is worth the time and budget that has been put into it I will leave up to you.

O2 turn those frowns upside down on Twitter

So many of you will have been affected by O2 having serious problems this week. Basically no one’s phone worked. With this happening for 24 hours you can imagine the amount of abuse that they received from unhappy customers on Twitter. After initially posting the corporate responses with all the information they could possibly provide they changed their tone of voice. The words sarcastic, smart and witty come to mind:

If you want to read some more of these check out my blog post here, but be warned some of the language isn’t exactly PG material.

Posted by Tom Gatenby, @tomgatenby1


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