PHD social media newsletter for w/c 25/6/12

Never fear, this week’s social media newsletter is here!

Google Glass Goes Sky High

So Google came up with a BIG surprise yesterday. Unexpectedly, Google’s Sergey Brin held a demo of the footage shown through Google Glass to an audience through Google+ hangout. A great way to show off the technology of the Google Glass while promoting Google+ and the hangouts. However the footage being recorded and sent to the hangout is taken from a group of skydivers jumping out of a plane with the Google Glass on their heads. After this they proceed to abseil down the side of the building they land on, then BMX into the building where the demo is being held, the whole time showing the audience the footage straight from their eyes! The fact that the footage worked while falling through the sky alone for me is unbelievable. Check it out on Techcrunch.

 Microsoft goes BIG for Yammer ……

$1.2 billion is what Yammer has cost Microsoft. The business social network and communications tool has been around for 4 years and has 5 million users. It is designed to help businesses build personal social networks for employees so they can talk and share documents more easily than email.  Yammer has been hugely successful so far – it will be interesting to see how Microsoft develop this in the next few years. The CEO David Sacks recently explained his thoughts behind how Yammer can change the way we work on the Yammer Blog. Are we a step closer to the end of email? Read more at WallBlog.

 Facebook ‘Find Friends Near BYE BYE’

After very quickly being branded “The Stalker App” Facebook swiftly pulled a new feature which uses the GPS signal in modern phones to help you find friends – and potential new friends – nearby. The ‘Find Friends Nearby’  app launched on Sunday and lasted around 24 hours before being removed. Facebook claimed that the app was just in a trial period and was never actually finished. The Find Friends feature meant that, if you meet a group of new people, you can all use this for one-touch friendship, rather than manually finding out each person’s name and separately adding them. For me I can see how it could be a good app. If you were to search for a Thomas Jones you would no doubt have millions of results, but with the ‘Find Friends Nearby’ you can now find the Thomas Jones you were looking for easily. On the other hand it does run the risk of people being added by strangers near by. Do you think Facebook will eventually launch it? Read more here: Mashable.

 Uniqlo – Unique Pinterest page

Although brands on Pinterest are growing, the amount of unique campaigns is still pretty limited. Uniqlo realised Pinterest users need images to stand out to stop them from just scrolling down and down and down. So for their Dry Mesh project they created wonderful long images, which made bigger pictures when pinned next to each other and changed and moved as you scroll down. See how they did it here on YouTube.

Peugeot also did a cool Pinterest campaign a couple of months ago which acted like a jigsaw of the images of a car and cleverly showed how much you could fit into a Peugeot. Although it was a great way to show off the storage space, all the images were pretty simple and very uninspiring on their own, unlike Uniqlo.

 Oreo makes bold coloured move

Oreo faced an unexpected backlash after they posted a photo of a ‘gay pride’ Oreo on the cookie’s Facebook Page on Monday night. Oreo altered a picture of the cookie showing it stuffed with rainbow-coloured layers of frosting alongside the caption, ‘Proudly support love!’ Since it was uploaded 200,000 have liked the post, roughly 60,000 have shared it and more than 30,000 people have commented on it. Not all of these responses were positive though! Some have decided to boycott Oreo’s from now on, mainly for religious reasons. One person said ‘Corporations should focus on selling their products, not pushing agendas. A big thumbs down on this one.’ Others have praised the brand for the post.  Read more here: DigitalJournal.

Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive; @tomgatenby1


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