PHD social media newsletter for w/c 18/6/12

Facebook – the social home for the Olympics

A first for Facebook. On Monday, Facebook launched an official London Olympics page  for fans to connect with their favourite athletes and teams, a move it says can help make this summer’s games the first “truly social” one. The “Discover London 2012″ page is a portal that brings together the profile pages of hundreds of athletes, national teams, and official organizing bodies to make them more accessible to its 900 million users. This is a great way for Facebook to respond to the big move of Twitter’s Hashtag pages  released last week specifically for events. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to get your way round. I doubt I will personally ever use it but for those super keen on the Olympics it is a win! Read more at Mashable.

 LinkedIn becomes more measurable

LinkedIn has often been criticised in terms of the lack of statistics which are available through the site for company pages. There are various tools for Twitter statistics and obviously there are Facebook insights, but LinkedIn offered very little. However earlier this week they rolled out some new metrics for company page admins to enjoy. The new statistics are Follower Statistics, Engagement Metrics, Page Statistics. Not sure what they are? Read more about them here: Convonix.

Femfresh – Fresh Fail

So if you are a company whose product is ‘a specially designed wipe used to ‘freshen’ up a vagina’ your marketing needs to be really on point! There is the obvious embarrassment of women not wanting people to know they ‘need’ Femfresh but also the fact that humanity has survived perfectly without the ‘need’ for these so why should people buy them? Unfortunately Femfresh’s marketing  ran into a bit of trouble  by using infantile language and playground slang terms for the word ‘vagina’; presumably to get around the issue of embarrassment. They described their product as “one of the kindest ways to care for your va jay jay, kitty, nooni, lala, froo froo!”. With their Facebook page open to any user, not only those that like the page, there have been nearly 100% negative comments and A LOT of them! Read more in WallBlog.

First banned UK Twitter campaign

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned Nike UK’s Twitter campaign after commissioning English soccer players Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere to promote its brand in their personal tweets. The ASA deemed that the tweets weren’t “obviously identifiable” as advertisements. You can see two sides to the argument. Nike pointed out that their tagline and link to the website are clearly shown. However I suppose without a clear #ad or #spon the ASA have a fair argument. This isn’t the first time the ASA have been called in. In March, two users complained about Manchester United soccer player Rio Ferdinand and reality TV star Katie Price’s tweets, saying they were misleadingly pushing Snickers Bars. However, the chocolate company was saved from the ban hammer as Price and Ferdinand used the hashtag “spon”.  Read more in the Guardian.


Smart Car – Smart Twitter response

So a particularly funny guy, Clayton Hove, tweeted this joke: “Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it.” (Ruined/broke/destroyed etc.) Well Smart Car USA thought this was a perfect opportunity to boast of how strong the Smart Car’s Tridion Safety Cell actually is. They created an infographic showing, in quite an innovative and relevant way, that the safety cell can withstand 900lbs of pressure.

Ladbrokes creates a winning bet on Twitter

Piers Morgan, the man I love to hate. He is constantly tweeting rubbish like he is a professional footballer. Well anyway some legend at SavillsUK (estate agent) this week ‘accidentally’ rang him three times during the middle of the night and woke him up! Needless to say Piers was not too chuffed and started tweeting abusive messages about Savills. He also rallied his cronies to tweet jokes about Savills employees; the ones he liked he retweeted. Well Ladbrokes saw this and thought it was the perfect opportunity to create a bet… “@SavillsUK now 2/1 to call @Piersmorgan again tonight. 20/1 if they call three or more times #OffTheHook.” A great way to be proactive and raise brand awareness — Ladbrokes win.

Viral of the week – the return of Matt

In 2008 Matt Harding, a game designer, travelled around the world dancing like an oddball in loads of amazing/weird places with a variety of people joining in with him, and he videoed it all. He labelled the video “Where the Hell Is Matt 2008” , which received over 45 million hits. He has made a few videos since then, nowhere near as popular but his newest one has been viewed half a million times this week! Check it out:  “Where the Hell Is Matt 2012” .

Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive; @tomgatenby1


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