David Wilding’s final view from Cannes – Day 4

So farewell then Cannes. Thanks for having us and hopefully see you again very soon.

Now I know I might be biased but for me the seminars ended on a high yesterday with Adam Morgan’s excellent presentation on challenger brand types in the PHD seminar although I do have to report an enormous stampede to leave just before he finished.

Happily this was almost certainly a very good thing as Adam mentioned that we were giving away 200 copies of the ‘Overthrow’ book when people left. Given that the theatre had about 1,000 people in it at the time the sudden sense of scarcity saw a massive rush to the exits.

It reminded me why you should always invest in good quality goody bags for the end of kid’s parties. An excellent way to get rid of the little darlings at the end…

I have a shortlist of just the 36 inspiring pieces of work to share when I get back which I’ve lumped unequally into six categories. These being product demos, owned media nudges, AR, the power of context, reframings and big hairy ideas.

So basically if you can create a big hairy idea that uses context to reframe perceptions through demonstrating a product benefit via AR and owned media you should clean up next year…

One final thing – media is definitely taking over Cannes. Twitter, Spotify and Microsoft were absolutely everywhere and I was amazed by how many media people you assume have been coming to Cannes for years said it was their first time here.

But the definition of media is also, very obviously, changing. There were things entered into the Media Lions that were essentially brilliant examples of business strategy, packaging, technology, supply chain management, behavioural theory and publicity.

That is media in 2012. And it’s why being able to try to plan it every day is such a brilliant thing.

Of course seeing the sun for a couple of days is always nice too…


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