PHD social media newsletter for w/c 11/6/12

This post marks the first of many social media newsletters that we’ll put up no our blog, written by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive at PHD. They are written regularly for internal consumption,  so we thought we’d spread the love. We hope you enjoy it. As always, feedback and comments welcome.


NASCAR and Twitter first hashtag page

On Sunday Twitter ran its first-ever TV spot during the broadcast of the 2012 NASCAR race in an attempt to bridge the gap between TV and Digital.

The clip features NASCAR driver Brad Kaselowski using his phone to share his point of view with the world. After this a series of adverts both online and offline continued promoting #NASCAR which has its own page on Twitter which shows tweets using the tag.  It’s the first of what will likely be many corporate-sponsored ‘hashtag’ pages on Twitter. To find out more on how the ‘hashtag’ pages work read more here.

Tailored Trends

Twitter will also be rolling out tailored trends over the next few weeks, providing you with trends based on your location and interests. You can opt in for these tailored trends or opt out to keep the global trends in your feed. Read more here.

Facebook and Apple team up

The two tech giants are teaming up to bring you a more advanced, simpler experience as Apple revealed that Facebook was deeply integrated into the new operating system for mobile devices, iOS6. You will no longer need to log in or out, you can share links straight from the desktop, add Facebook friends to your contacts and calendars on your Mac as well as many other features. It will be available fully available sometime in Autumn. This will be great for Facebook pushing more content back into their platform and great for Apple providing a much better service to their consumers. For me there are some benefits but Facebook is already everywhere. If I want to share anything onto or off the site I can easily enough, I don’t want the site anymore in my face. Read more here.

Ping Going

With the release of the software iOS6 Apple’s social network ‘Ping’ will be removed. It was a bit of a fail but with Apple now being well integrated with Twitter and Facebook there is no need for Apple’s own social network. Read more here.


Adverts in 1:1 Video calls

Windows decided to further making money from Skype, with adverts showing while you make a call, not actually in the call. It is also only shown to those who only have free access; if you have Skype credit no adverts will be shown. According to the Skype blog they are being called ‘conversation ads’, designed to help build a conversation with the person you are ringing. My opinion… what an awful excuse from Skype. You ring someone because you have something to talk to them about, you don’t need an advert to start a conversation.

Facebook + Skype to push video calls

With Airtime launching last week and G+ hangouts already being increasingly popular, Facebook have decided to really push their video calls by making things more visual than the tiny camera that shows on Facebook chat. Read more on TechCrunch.

Samsung Social competition

A new competition from Samsung gives you the opportunity to win one of their new Galaxy SIII handsets. The interesting thing about this competition is it is spread across Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. It was promoted yesterday with a promoted tweet and is a fun and interactive way of making sure people keep checking the Samsung  Facebook and Twitter pages. For your chance to win check out it out at SamsungCompetition.

Viral of the week

Coca- Cola have made another ‘feel good’ campaign with inspiring CCTV footage of people in the world just being nice! I think it is a top banana! Read more in the Mirror.

Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive, @tomgatenby1


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