PHD UK at Squared 2012

Squared is a Google-led initiative, in partnership with Hyper Island and the IPA, to address the talent shortage in digital marketing. Holly David and Akhra Amin from PHD recently went on this course. Below is what Holly thought of the experience. She has also chronicled her time on the course here.

The Squared course was a 7 week digital and media training course which was made up of lectures, seminars, workshops and 3 group projects (each project ended with pitching to a panel). We also had some inspirational speakers come in to present to us, including Jeremy Bullmore, John Hegarty and Rory Sutherland. The aspect of the course that I found most beneficial and that I could relate back to my role here at PHD were the group projects and subsequent pitches that we worked on alongside the daily lectures and workshops.

Project 1 was about creating a new online business which gave us scope to be really creative and think big. Project 2 involved working on a fictional brief to bring an offline business online. This was really good experience for me as a future planner as I was able to test the waters and put into practise what I had learnt on the course and from my job so far (and if we made mistakes it didn’t matter!)

Project 3 gave us the opportunity to work on a live charity brief where I took on the team leader role. Our task was to make recommendations to the charity to help improve the value of their website and search campaign. I learnt so much from this experience and felt like we provided some really useful recommendations to the charity which would really benefit them in the future. The feedback from the agencies is that they were really grateful for our work and they will definitely implement the recommendations.

Overall, going on the Squared course has really broadened my general media and digital knowledge by giving me exposure to lots of different areas of the industry. I look forward to using my new knowledge in my day-to-day role and adding value to future campaigns that I will be working on.

Posted by Holly David, Media Assistant


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