Snow, Final Destination and the future of DVDs. An evening in with UltraViolet

With temperatures dropping below zero and forecasts of heavy snow all over the UK, what better way to spend an evening than with a cup of tea and a film.

The latest addition to my collection is Final Destination 5. A Blu-ray with a twist. The Warner Bros title is the first film in the UK to include an Ultraviolet digital copy.


Ultraviolet allows consumers to store all the films they purchase in a digital locker and lets you play them on any connected device. With Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Fox, Universal and Paramount together with the biggest TV manufacturers backing the consortium, Ultraviolet is set to revolutionise the Home Entertainment market in the next couple of years.



For now, there are just a few titles available with UV rights and Flixster is the only UV compatible service that can be used to stream titles in your collection.


All major UK retailers including Tesco and Amazon are said to be supporting the initiative and it is likely that in the future every DVD or Blu-ray we purchase, online or in a shop will have UV rights with it and it will be possible to use even more services to stream or download the content on a PC, Mac, iPad or Connected TV.

Tesco have recently launched a similar initiative with Blinkbox, their online movie service. Customers who have bought a physical copy of selected titles are then given access to an online copy on Blinkbox. This service will be complimentary with UV and could contribute to get consumers used to the concept of storing films in a digital locker.

Admittedly you do have to create a Flixster account and an Ultraviolet account in order to start using the service but the process was quick and easy for me and I had my copy of Final Destination 5 streaming on my iPad and my PC at the same time with no visible delays.

Apple and Disney are the only big players that are not currently in the UV consortium although this could easily change once consumer demand for Ultraviolet services grows.

It turns out the forecasts were right and the streets are now covered with snow. With a fresh cup of tea and a brand new DVD waiting I am now ready to press play.

For more information on Ultraviolet visit

Author: Salvo La Rosa ( via @salvolarosa)


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