Sign up to the British Heart Foundation’s Hope Tank

The British Heart Foundation is a PHD client. We’re working on a campaign for them to raise awareness  of an issue that probably not very many people (including most of us here at PHD, till we started working on this campaign) knew about: the ability of zebrafish to regenerate its own damaged heart cells and recreate new functioning heart tissue.

This scientific fact gives hope that one day, with the help of medical research, we humans too will be able to mend our own hearts if they get damaged – literally and physically of course, not emotionally.

The British Heart Foundation’s Hope Tank is a virtual online aquarium, to raise awareness of their Mending Broken Hearts Appeal and the life-saving research which they fund.

They need to raise £50 million to fund the research – and in as little as 10 years the hope to mend broken hearts could become a reality.

You can help by adding a zebrafish with your name and message on it in the Hope Tank, and spreading the word. You can also watch videos from BHF-funded scientists, read other zebrafish messages, and see who else supports the campaign in your area. There’s also more about the science behind the appeal here.

So do sign up to the Hope Tank and help us spread the word, giving hope to the millions of people worldwide affected by heart failure.


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