Do Churned and Nu Vibe have more in common than they’d like to admit?

Now I like X Factor as much as the next man but I’ll be honest – I haven’t seen the Yeo Valley ad yet. Well at least not on X Factor. I’ve looked it up on You Tube naturally but I think that’s probably because of the interest around the campaign in the industry I work in more than anything else.

The reason I haven’t seen it is actually because Strictly Come Dancing is king in our house. Having 3 young children it’s genuinely the family choice with something for everyone (oh, hi Ola Jordan…) And the last half hour of Strictly happens to be on at the same time as the 1st half hour of X Factor.

strictly dancing

And as Yeo Valley’s X Factor deal sees them appearing 1st in the 1st ad break I don’t get to see it.

I’m not alone in this. Barb Figures from last Saturday showed that 8.1m watched the beginning of X Factor when it overlapped with Strictly which rose to a peak of 11.9m later in the evening and 13.5m for the Sunday results show. That’s a steep old difference between the number of people who could have seen the Yeo Valley ad if it ran later and the number of people who actually did.

These figures may explain in some part why Nu Vibe – who performed 1st in Saturday’s show – were consequently voted out on Sunday (well that and their apparent inability to sing a SINGLE NOTE in tune).

Nu Vibe were actually victims of Recency Theory – which basically states that things that have happened more recently are more easily recalled – not just once but 3 times.

First of all by being 1st to perform, secondly by virtue of their being fewer viewers at this time and thirdly on account of singing first again in Sunday’s mildly tortuous sing off with Frankie.

Now while that’s unfortunate for Nu Vibe it’s interesting that, in effect, Yeo Valley have chosen to deliberately penalise themselves in the same way.

No doubt they would argue that going first allows Yeo Valley to be talked about for longer on twitter and facebook during the show itself when social chatter is at its peak which is clearly a key part of the strategy (a strategy which, for the record I am a huge admirer of and possibly slightly jealous of).  

They may well believe and may well be right to believe that the trade off in number of total viewers is worth it for the benefits of being first.

But do Churned risk ultimately paying the same price as Nu Vibe as a result?

POSTED BY : David Wilding


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