Why are we here?

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A philosophical question that will be answered with an equally philosophical response. As in life, when one body shuffles off its mortal coil, ushering a new one into a brave new dawn, so in the blogosphere, when one blog dies, it makes way in cyberspace for a new one. So as we say a sad farewell to Willsh and his wonderful Feeding The Puppy (which is still alive and well here http://smithery.co/blog/ you’ll be pleased to hear), we greet, with a big PHD hug, A Cup of Tea with PHD.


This is our new digital home for you to come, put your feet up and read and share views on the changing media landscape. The tea ladies and gents will all contribute regularly to the blog, but everyone’s comments and entries are welcome. This is a place for us to come and take five minutes out of our day and read or write something about media, advertising or any communications you are interested in.


We don’t provide teaspoons but hopefully we will give you things to get stirred up about.


*yesssss I snuck that terrible joke in at the end*


POSTED BY : Juliet DuVivier


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